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November 1, 2019-January 31, 2020
“Pattern” – Rainmaker Gallery, UK

November 26, 2019-November 29, 2020
“What Is Feminist Art” – Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

January 10, 2020–May 31, 2020
“Art Is The Seed: Contemporary Female Native American Art”
Tucson Desert Art Museum

January 9, 2020
“9th Annual Art Exhibition”, paintings of International artists
Manama, Bahrain

November 25, 2020
“Two World Views of Arabic Life: Greek and American Versions”
Art Hub Gallery in Abu Dhabi, UAE


WELCOME to my website. This is a better way for me to keep you informed of upcoming shows, new paintings, and links of inspiring artists that I know. I am a contemporary painter from Laguna Pueblo, NM. I am a female artist and have been inspired from various art styles by works of Pablo Picasso, M.C. Escher, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gustav Klimt, Yayoi Kusama, Jenny Holzer, and Hopi and Laguna Pueblo pottery designs.